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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get "Hooked"

Hello?  Anybody remember me?  I am back after a unofficial leave of absence.  It is just one of those things. You know the old saying, "Sometimes life gets in the way"?  But, I am ready to renew the Fish 'N Tips blog and have some fun times with you.  'Nuff said.  Let's get to it!!
It is true.  There's nothing much sweeter than getting into the water and pursuing the elusive trout with your favorite fly rod and reel combo.  Whether you are after a big Brown, a stealthy Rainbow, a colorful Cutthroat or a well marked Brookie (one of my favorites), you're sure to have an exciting experience.  But I have to be honest...... I have a lot to learn about Fly Fishing.  It takes practice, persistence, and patience- for which I am not always known.  Maybe I could read about it from a good number of authors who believe they have all the right techniques.  Or, try a few lessons to learn rhythm and form from a professional.  I could take some time to watch a few TV shows that talk about fly fishing.  Who knows, by watching those shows and commercials, I might end up with a collapsible rod and reel outfit guaranteed to fit in my back pocket.  How about a family movie night?  "A River Runs Through It" comes to mind.  And finally, tips can come from fellow fly fishing buddies.  You may find some of your fishin' buddies' tips better or more helpful than others but, rest assured, each one will come with a good story or an interesting anecdote.

But in the end, it takes getting into the water with the gear you are comfortable using, having fun and even accepting that sometimes, you are going to look like a fool!  I have often times caught every tree and shrub that surrounds my favorite fishing hole!  My hat has fallen victim to mishaps many a time. So far, my ears have escaped the wrath of an errant cast, but my thumb and hand have taken a few serious hits (perhaps some stories for another time).  In short, no one is perfect.  When you set out in the morning, perfection is not the object of your desires.  Work on it.  Enjoy it.  Develop your own style, be true to it and believe in it.  Once this is achieved, once you have gotten your first trophy, out in Nature's finest arena, trust me- you will be "hooked". 

Over the next few blogs, we will stay on the subject of Fly Fishing.  So, send in your tips, stories and anecdotes to be published.

 Try It!  You'll Like It

'Til next time

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