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Saturday, November 5, 2011


The tool box.  Better known to fishermen as the Tackle Box.  It contains the tools you will need to make sure you have a successful day at the lake or the river.  Your proven lures, hooks and jigs lie in wait for their turn to perform their duty.  Yes, an organized tackle box is a sight to behold.  Take a look at this one from .  A real beauty.

Or this one from   

Nice.  This one contains some of my favorite "tools". 

Take a look into your tackle box.  What does it look like?  You don't have to say.  Mine probably looks just like yours.  Yes, I will admit it.... what a disaster.  It is time we realize that it is time to get organized.  It should be kept this way at all times. Too much time can be wasted fumbling around looking for your favorite lure, assorted weights, hooks, or jigs.  Save your empty pill bottles for weights or hooks.  Label them for quick reference.  Find plastic boxes with dividers at any store such as Walmart or Michaels.  Label them as well.  Larger lure boxes are available at any sporting goods store. This is a safe way as well to keep your favorite lures from chipping or becoming snagged on other items. It also helps for a quick change of lures because of the easy access. If everything is labeled properly your life will certainly improve- at least while you are fishing.                                                         

While we are on the subject of tackle boxes, I want to remind  you to never leave a bunch of tackle on top of your tackle box. As soon as you do, you will be picking them off the ground or slowly watch them sink down into "Davey Jones' Locker".  Always put your toys away.

And finally, one last suggestion: ALWAYS CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOUR TACKLE BOX IS CLOSED AND LATCHED before picking it up.  I have seen more than one fisherman spill the contents on the dock, in the trunk or in the drink.  ALWAYS CHECK.

This is also available at  Another example of what a tackle box SHOULD look like.

Try it. You'll like it!

'Til next time