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Friday, August 19, 2011


Hello my friends.  I thought that I would take a few steps back to our very first meeting.  If you remember the first picture you saw of me was with a beautiful Brown trout. What a fish!  What a memory!  What a catch!   OK.  Let's move on.

I had a lot of people ask me about the fate of the fish.  Well my friends, if you knew the secret spot that I caught the fish you too could experience the thrill of landing the beauty.  After the quick photo session, it was released to go back and put on a few pounds and a couple of inches.  It swam away in great condition ready to give the next angler ( or me again ) the opportunity for another great photo session. 

Just to update you once again, the fish was caught on a Rapala No.7 Gold original.  Go to to view this lure. 

I then decided that I would love to have this fish hanging on my wall.  The fish was 23 3/4 inches and weighed 6 lbs.  So my search began for a company that would mount it the way I wanted.  I would have to have the replica made from the few good pictures that I had taken at riverside.  After a tedious search on line, I decided to send the pictures to Bass Pro's Wildlife Creations. I talked to them on the phone and gave details of the fish.  After getting their input, I made my decision and below is the result.

The fish looks awesome and is a great addition to the wall.  They even did a great job with the mouth and teeth.  The material used feels like the actual fish.  I was very pleased with the outcome. And all this from a few pictures.  Give them a try if you are looking to have a replica made from your prize catch.  www.basspro/wildlifecreations .

Well, there it is to all who were curious.  I hope you enjoy the picture and story as much as I am enjoying the mount.

Thanks to my wife Carol for her fine photographic work.

Try it!  You' ll like it.

'Til next time

Friday, August 5, 2011


When fishing the lake, the key is to find the right spot .  Just like  prime real estate the answer is "Location, Location, Location".  This usually comes after a long period of trial and error.  If you are lucky, someone may tell you where to fish.  If the individual is of trustworthy character, take heed and stake it out on your next visit to the lake in question.  But be careful, treachery may lie in the informant's tales of success!  One may mislead to keep the secrets of the lake.  It is best to find a spot yourself and then you may decide whether to share the wealth or tell a tale or two. 

Always get to the lake early to secure your boundaries .  If you are one of those fishermen who likes to sit back and watch the rest of the world go by, you could have not picked a better spot.  Watching the other fishermen arrive is a sight like none other.  They will arrive with more fishing gear and gimmicks than you can imagine and try to figure out how to put them all to good use. But most of all, the lake is a wonderful place to bring the family.  The children can fish and hike around the lake  if the fish are not biting.  Have a dog?  Bring the pooch along. They will love to frolic with you or the family or sit curled up under a chair while warming in the sun.  Dive into the picnic basket while your line is waiting for that nibble. Sigh!  Life does not get any better.

If you are not going to fish on a weekend (most fishing trips to the lake are on the weekend) try not to fish on a Monday.  The lake will get a lot of activity on Saturday and Sunday.  This will make the fish  shy and a little skittish towards your bait, especially if  the fish have been caught and released.  You will have to try out many bait scenarios before one could be successful.  But that is why they call it fishing. 

And remember to fish the areas that jut out into the lake.  These areas will offer access from the deep water where small bait fish will gather.  This will draw in the bigger fish improving your odds for a fine catch.  

Speaking of fine catches, below are some pics from the area that I fish.

                                   My friend Randy holding two nice browns

                       My friend Jack with a couple nice rainbows

Try it! You'll like it

'Til next time