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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Approaching The River

It is early morning and the sun is shining.  You are with your fishing buddies, and you just know it is going to be a great day on the river.  Everyone gathers up the equipment, slips on the vests and waders, and  starts the trek to the river. Now I ask you ,"How many times have you been chit chatting, shooting the bull, or do what ever you call it, and when you get to the river, you see the catch of the day suddenly splash off to the middle of the river.  And everyone yells "did you see that!"  I know, more than once.  It has happened to all of us.

Remember when you are getting close to the river,  shhh!  Walk quietly. Speak softly. Always cast into the area where you will be entering  before getting to the bank  just in case there is a lunker hiding in a cut under the bank or under the willow branches overhanging the river.  You will not scare the fish , might get lucky, and start your day off with the catch of the day!!!

'Til next time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Those Fish Can Smell

Ahhh, Spring.  The time of year that we all get excited about going to the lake, river or stream.  All the equipment has been prepped, new equipment ready to go, and the favorite lures sparkling. As a safety precaution and a safety step, make sure you have your sunscreen, insect repellant, and lip balm.   Lather up all exposed areas of skin, first with the sunscreen and then with the repellant.  There are products out there that contain both so you may want to check into these .  Don't forget to follow this procedure several times during the day. I find this particularly true with the lip balm.  Now comes the most important step.  Try not to get any on your lures or your fishing line. Do not wipe your hands on your waders, jeans, or any other other piece of clothing that may get in the water.  Fish have a very sharp sense of smell and certainly will be deterred by the odor.  Remember, fish can be smelly, but are very good smellers!!

'Til Next Time

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Welcome My Fellow Fisherpeople.

My idea is to share with you fishing tips, ideas, suggestions, that will help me and others to have a more exciting experience while on the water.  I will post a weekly tip, etc., but will also put your ideas on the blog as well.  Trust me, my knowledge of fishing is just what I have learned fishing on my own, with my buddies, family, and the occasional fishing guide ( usually a fishing guide in the deep sea ).  And, once in a while, a funny anecdote or a fish story will be the blog for the day!  So, lets get to sharing so we can all have fun!!