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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Walk into any sports store where fishing equipment is sold and take a stroll down the fish aisle and you will be overwhelmed by not only the selection of lures, but also by the quantity.  If you are not familiar with lures or have not used them in the past, the decision to buy one can be difficult.

Your attention will first be drawn to the lures with all the bling that catch your eye.  Remember that the lures with lots of bells and whistles, pretty colors, fancy feathers, etc., are there to attract the fisherman. Fish are attracted to the action and performance in the water, not the fancy decor.

Know what you are going to be fishing for and talk with other fishermen or the professionals at the stores for ideas and suggestions for lures that have been proven successful.  Or stick with what you have been able to catch fish with in the past. Trial and error will probably be the best for determining your decision.

And remember to always experiment.

A couple of old time lures:                                                      


My favorite lures are the Rapala brand lures.  I use the F-7 floaters
on most of my fishing outings.  I use the Rainbow style, but I am not adverse to using the Brook, Brown, the silver or gold styles.  On occasion, I will also use the size F-9 in the same style as the F-7.  But most of my best catches have been on the F-7 series.

Try it! You'll like it

'Til next time

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