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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A few of  the members of the " RTD Fly Fishermen and Wannabes" have sent pictures to share with the rest of us.  Let's take a look: 


Frank recently went on a fishing trip to Alaska and sent these awesome pictures from his adventure.  Nice job Frank!
Is that a smile on his face?!? What a fun time he must of had with that fly rod.  Notice the streamers hanging out of his pocket?  Especially note the one in the fish's mouth! 

Same smile, different fish. We would like to know the weight and size !  What a beauty.


Frank, you've convinced us to start saving our pennies for a trip to Alaska!

The Grayling is a species of fish that is very aggressive.  They are limited in Colorado, but not in Alaska.  There are a few locations you can fish for Grayling in Colorado, but they are not in every body of water.  Check with your fishing buddies or trusted guide.  I am sure from the looks of it, Frank can give us some tips!!

And of course a beautiful Rainbow.
Thanks for sharing Frank.

Cory arrived in Deckers and hit the water just before dark.  Seems his timing was "right on".  If it is not your secret weapon, Cory, maybe you can tell us what you used to catch this beauty.  
Nicely done!

And another from Cory! 

Jerry landed a nice one as well.  What a healthy looking trout.  This is also from Deckers.  Looks like we better get down there soon before Jerry and  Cory spook all the fish.

Hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I did posting and commenting on them.  I hope this inspires you to get your pics in so we can share and brag about  your "trophies".  Tell us the story, flies or lures used, and location (if you so desire).

Try it!  You'll like it.

'till next time

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