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Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's good to be back.  Like most great authors and writers I needed a sabbatical.  Not really- I was on a long, fun-filled vacation.  But let's get fishing again, this time in the lake.

If you get bored fishing the lake from the shore and you can see fish "rising" in the middle or in an area you can't walk to, bust out your belly boat!  This is really a fun way to fish in a lake.  Of course, you will have to plan well ahead for this action to be taken.  You will need to bring your belly boat along with several other items that are necessary. Flippers for the feet if you want to get anywhere in the water.  Chest waders to keep you dry and warm.  And, most importantly, your life vest to keep you from going under.  All kidding aside, this is essential.  Too many things can happen while on the water.  They make several life jackets for this experience, so choose one that fits your specific needs.  I was lucky enough to get one as a gift from my daughter.  What a sweetie, looking out for the old man.

Keep in mind, you still have to bring your fishing equipment as well.  Belly boats are different so you will have to decide yourself  how to arrange everything you need in, on, and around the boat. There will be plenty of room on the boat for equipment and plenty of compartments for water, snacks, a rain jacket, a camera , and other items you may feel you just can't do without.  I do have one recommendation:  be sure to bring an extra reel, lures, leaders, and a second rod if possible.  When something happens to a piece of your equipment, it can be a long kick back to shore.  You will certainly waste a lot of valuable fishing time. Make sure you store them out of the way so they will not interfere with your casting or retrieving areas.  

When you hook a fish while in the belly boat, make sure you paddle away from any obstacles in the water such as a fallen tree or boulders.  The fish can get caught up on something and you do not have the mobility that you would on shore.  This is for the benefit of you, your equipment, and the fish if you plan to release it.

Another good time for a belly boat is if the lake has a retaining wall that you can't access.  You can use a stealthy approach to get to the wall.  The retaining walls heat up faster than anything in the lake and this will attract smaller fish.  They come looking for debris and morsels.  And we all know who comes looking for small feeder fish.  So slither close with your boat, and maybe you will land one of the big lunkers. 

If you do use a belly boat, keep your eyes on the sky.  AT THE FIRST SIGN OF A STORM,  paddle as fast as your little flippers will go.  Don't hesitate.  Safety is still first priority.

And lastly, when you come back on shore and are stepping out of your belly boat, make sure it is completely on shore when you step out- especially if it is a particularly windy day and you are captivated by the two moose standing in front of you!  A story for another time....

Try it! You'll like it.

'Till next time


  1. Floating around in the belly boat is also great exercise- definitely a more active way of fishing than my way of fishing!! Can't wait until you post "The Moose" story!

  2. Actually it is a great way to build your leg muscles. All that the kicking of the legs in the water, against the wind, and kicking backwards when you catch that huge fish! Think about and I am sure next season you we will see you bellying. And you may have to wait awhile before the moose story, but it is a good one!