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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


You are at the lake and enjoying the company of your fellow fisher people and really enjoying the beauty of your surroundings.  There is a cold drink, your favorite sandwich and snacks close at hand.   And, oh yeah, your line is in the water.  Try to remember to move your line around, not letting it soak for long periods of time.  Reel it in and recast.  Use this time to change your bait.  If you feel you are in a good spot just reel the line in a few feet.  This could help you catch a few more fish.  Ponder as to whether or not this could be a good time to move to a new spot.

I have to relate a funny story.  My wife and I were fishing with a couple who are very close friends.  The husband loves to fish and is a very proficient fisherman.  His wife, who is the salt of the earth, could care less if she caught a fish.  She loves to throw out the line and sit back and read a book.  Catching and landing a fish is the farthest thing from her mind. 

So, the day we were fishing, the young lady's line had been in the water at the same position for an extended period of time.  Her husband, becoming more frustrated by the moment, finally requested that she reel in the line just a bit.  She looked at him and very sarcastically replied, "Do you really think that if a fish is hungry it will not swim three extra feet to get something to eat?"  I cracked up, my wife cracked up, and the line was NOT moved a single inch.  I kept my mouth shut knowing better than to try and explain the whole idea about moving the bait.  It was difficult.  She never did catch a fish but really did not care!

But the real take away here is this- move your bait if it has been sitting in one spot for awhile.  You will catch more fish.

Try it, you'll like!

"Til' next time"


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