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Friday, May 20, 2011



Remember that the first cast offers you the best  chance to get that intial strike and result in a nice catch.  Pick your spot, take your time, and do your best to hit the mark that you have picked. When deciding where to put your lure, always put yourself in a spot for the best possible cast.  Stay away from casts that set your lure out and come down from a high angle.You don't want that huge " kerplunk" when it hits the water. Put it in at a low arc and it will enter the water with a soft landing. YOU DO NOT WANT TO SPOOK THE FISH!  There are enough distractions in, around and on the water. No need to add to the confusion. 

You have fished the first group of willows and undercuts and it is time to move up the river. Even if you were successful, don't over fish the area.  Move on, and come back another day!  

Wading up river while looking for the next spot, make sure to fish until you want to stop and concentrate on a particular area.  As you ford the river, your first cast should be UP river from where you stand.  The second cast should be DIRECTLY ACROSS from where you stand.  Your final throw should be somewhat DOWN STREAM.  Repeat this scenario until you hook a fish or until you decide to stop and fish in your next designated area.  

Try it. 

'Til next time.  

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