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Friday, June 3, 2011


As you continue to fish up the the river, keep a sharp eye for any surface activity that may cause a fish to rise or may actually be a fish chasing a potential meal.

Your eyesight is not the only one of your senses that has to be "on alert".  You should ALWAYS be listening to the river!

When fishing the river, especially if it is a section of river you have never fished before, or a new river, listen for "babbling water" going over logs or over a rock dam. This type of structure is ideal for larger fish laying in ambush for smaller fish that come in to feed in the debris that washes over the top. Fish the base of the dam or as close to it as possible. If possible, try to bounce your lure off the logs or off the rocks. This gives the fish the impression that something new and good to eat may now be in the water, and will certainly stimulate the fish.

Fish the entire pool at the base of the dam or near the logs.  I can almost guarantee success.

Try it!

'Til next time

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