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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Softly Step In The River

Now you have arrived at the river.  You have made that first cast  ( as per last tip ) that many fishermen never think about or bother to try. You may or may not have landed the first fish of the day, but it is certainly worth the effort. Now it is time to enter  the river to continue your fishing experience.

Gently step into the river.  This is very important.  Fish can feel the vibrations. With both feet in the river, walk slowly!!  If you are sending out ripples that are over two feet, rethink your pace.  The fish WILL feel your vibrations and they WILL be spooked.  Once this happens, the natural play of your fly or lure will no longer be effective, and you will be forced to move to another spot. Always be in STEALTH mode.

'Til next time

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