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Sunday, April 14, 2013



Let's Catch the Brookie

Well, we have talked about the Brookie for a few posts and everyone should know that fishing for these rascals will be a real blast.

So let's finish up on a few more ideas to go fishing for this one:

Choosing the right rod is essential.  You have to look at the surrounding terrain, the water, the weather and have an idea of what size of fish you may catch.  I usually fish with a rod that is between 7ft to 9 ft - it depends on the area I am fishing that particular outing.  I will carry two rods of different size to adjust if needed, 4 to 6 weight rods.  I usually have a 8-10 foot tapered leader with a 4x tippet.

Do not limit your selection of equipment to fly fishing rod and reel- have a light weight spinning setup that can be used for a change of pace.  These can be as productive as any fly set-up.

Brook trout are really not choosy about what they will go after. This leaves your selection of flies or lures wide open.  Carry several types of flies or lures that have been recommended or successful.

Now that you are ready to go get the Brookie, let me give you a few more tips if you are planing to catch and release.  Remember that it is ok to keep a few.  Nothing caps off the day with a few fish in the skillet.  However follow these steps in assuring the fish survival:

-  Use your pliers to squeeze the barb down on your hook
-  Wet your hands when handling the fish to prevent the removal of  the fungus that protects the fish
- Land the fish as quickly as possible so the fish does not wear itself down
-Use a landing net- I find the rubber netting easier on the fish
-Unhook the fish under the water while it is in the net
-After removing the hook, wait a few seconds until the fish swims away.  If the fish turns over, gently move the fish, face first, back and fourth into the current- this should revive the fish 

NEW!  "Did You Know?"

Did you know that if you are fishing for a "record setting" fish and another angler touches your rod and reel, that will disqualify you from earning the prize.  Handling the leader, helping with the netting, and helping with gaffing is permitted. Thought you would like to know.

 Try it!  You'll like it

 'til next time


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