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Monday, July 25, 2011


                                                 They came to have fun.....and they did

                                                          Friends ( considered family ) from PA.

As I have stated before I am a "river man".  That is, I love to fish in the river.  However, the lake has a lot to offer as well.  Especially when family and friends arrive to have fun in the mountains.  So I think that the next few blogs will be about the lake and the experiences and follies one would encounter on the outing, whether it be with the family or with a couple of fishing buddies.

Just about every lake I have been to in the mountains is nestled in a spectacular view.  A camera should be on the top of the list of things to pack before you set off on your adventure.  Once you find the spot where you want to fish, sit back and enjoy the show. 

Most likely, when fishing in the lake you will use live bait at some point.  Fresh live bait can make the difference between success and failure.  If you are using minnows they should be kept in a minnow bucket or a live well; crickets should be kept in a cricket cage; nightcrawlers (my favorite for fishing in the lake while sitting down and enjoying a beer and waiting for a strike) should be kept cool in a styrofoam container.  Do not put pieces of nightcrawlers back into the container with live ones.  This will spoil your bait. What fish can resist this juicy piece of "meat".  And definitely make sure to bring plenty of cleansing towlettes to wipe the goo off your hands.

Power bait is also very popular and has proven itself effective for the trout enthusiast at the lake.  It comes in a variety of colors which all seem to work.  My daughter is fond of the rainbow colored while my son leans toward the red, white and blue "Captain America" bait.  Decisions....Decisions.

Last but not least are the salmon eggs.  I have never had much luck with these but many seem to think it is the only real bait to use in a lake while trout fishing.  It has to be the red color.  But they sure have an odor to them.

Don't forget to always carry a small spinnerbait with your tackle. When things slow down and no one is biting, try a spinner to liven up things.  Also set yourself up with a bubble and fly.  This is a real kick and you can catch a few nice fish as a change of pace.  We will review how to set this up in another chapter.

So choose you bait carefully and have fun!!

                                                                      Randy landing a fish


Try it you'll like it

'Til next time
Nice fish Randy


  1. Looks like summer on the lake has been pleasant and successful! :)

  2. Sorry I missed such a great time with you guys!